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July 20, 2021

Between Form and Technology: Learning to Write for the Digital Age

What exactly does it mean to be a writer in an age of complex, overlapping digital publics and shrinking attention spans?

Image by Tamara Gak

June 5, 2021

Why I Hate Reading Lists: A Biography of and Manifesto for Woke Indian Cyberspace

One languorous Delhi evening, a close friend of mine and I were engaged in a ty...

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April 18, 2019

In South Karnataka, Alliance has Shrunk Congress and JDS's Prospects

It is true that the alliance will make many seats held by the BJP a closer fight. Inver...

Image by Alka Jha

November 1, 2018

On Karnataka Rajyotsava, a Film Reveals the Dilemma of Linguistic States

Earlier this year, while doing fieldwork before the Karnataka state polls, I was...


May 17, 2018

About a month ago, the talk in Delhi about the Karnataka elections was all about how one powerful regional leader was...

Image by John Schnobrich

June 29, 2021

Cancel Culture is Not Progressive Politics: A Response to The Print

A recent article in The Print entitled ‘Don’t rush to cancel wokes in McCarthyian panic’ is a timely reminder that critiques of mode...

Image by Stéphan Valentin


Unpacking Seoul: Concerns of a Solutionist Metropolis

The study of contemporary Asian metropolises poses a theoretical challenge to much of the extant literature in Urban...


February 23, 2019

'Gully Boy' Strips Hip-Hop of Its Crucial Link With Identity

By portraying class as the primary site of discrimination in Indian society, the film doesn't confront society with uncomforta....


August 24, 2018

Vajpayee and Karunanidhi: Their disparate careers point to the fault lines in Indian federalism

The deaths of two veteran politicians, Atal Bihari Vajpayee and M Karunanidhi within...


March 22, 2018

With Lingayats being recognised as its own religion, it forces us to think of how...

Image by Sixteen Miles Out

June 9, 2021

Writing, Art, Knowledge, Identity, The Internet: Rambled Musings

One languorous Delhi evening, a close friend of mine and I were engaged in a typically meandering conversation, flitting...


April 21, 2019

North Karnataka: Crucial Elements in the Electoral Arithmetic

“Why should I go back to vote?” asks Umesh, a 37-year-old worker from Koppal, an arid district in north Karnataka. “I have...

Image by Shubhro Jyoti Dey

November 23, 2018

Sabarimala controversy frames a question: Who is a Hindu and what exactly is Hinduism?

The row that has erupted over women’s entry into Kerala’s Sabarimala temple...

Image by Arif Khan

June 23, 2018

The Karnataka elections of 2018 will be remembered for a number of reasons. Notwithstanding the post-election...

Image by Sanket Shah

April 1, 2017

In the aftermath of the horrific mass molestation that took place in Bangalore on New Year's Day, I put up a small...

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